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Magpul PTS – AEG MOE Carbine Deluxe Version

Magpul PTS – AEG MOE Carbine Deluxe Version

image96-thumb Dear all,

I am glad to announced that Magpul PTS AEG MOE Carbine – Deluxe version is now shipping.  This deluxe version AEG is using top quality Systema gear box and internal custom parts.  It is a high performance AEG and limited offer.

The specification as follow:

  • Systema Ver II Turbo Gear Box and Motor Set
  • Systema BS 6.04mm Barrel (303mm).
  • Systema Hop Up pack.
  • Systema Metal Chamber Set
  • PTS Diecasting Metal Receiver
  • PTS MOE Hand Guard (Polymer)
  • PTS MOE Grip (Polymer)
  • PTS MOE Stock (Polymer)
  • PTS Modular Sling Adaptor with Sling Mount
  • PTS PMAG (Mid Cap 120 Rounds) (Polymer)
  • PTS MBUS – Rear Sight (Polymer)
  • Muzzle Velocity – 350 FPS
  • Color available: Black and Dark Earth


Magpul PTS Division

MOE AEG - black 1 MOE AEG - black 2


Systema PTWs at UN Company

You can now get the latest PTWs from UN Company:

imageDear All,

UN Company has a special offer promotion on Systema Professional Training Weapon of the both the complete guns and challenge kits.

Now you can save up to max. US$329 on the PTW. So don’t miss the chance!!

The Systema PTWs are the ultimate rifles for airsoft lovers, they also can be used as police and military training purposes.

They have real size, real weight and real balance.

Constructed with precise aluminum die case receiver, steel barrel, real steel stock, pistol grip and foregrip, every part of them fits together perfectly.

They have excellent rigidity and are very realistic to hold. They are 100% designed and manufactured by Systema in Japan.

The PTWs have special design gear box, all of the mechanical functions to pull the piston are kept in the lower receiver, while a cylindrical unit containing the spring, piston, spring guide and nozzle are kept in the upper receiver.

They are allowed for a realistic take-down which is exactly the same as a real M4/M16.

The following PTWs are now in special offer:

Complete Rifle:

  • Systema Training Weapon System M4A1 CQBR MAX
  • Systema Training Weapon System M4A1 MAX 2008 Version
  • Systema Training Weapon System M16A2 2008 Version
  • Systema PTW M4A1 MAX 2008 Version (Burst)

Challenge Kit:

  • Systema Professional Challenge Kit TW5/A4
  • Systema Professional Challenge Kit CQB-R MAX
  • Systema Professional Challenge Kit M4A1 MAX

Please visit our site for more new hot items. You may also found more airsoft products you need there. Enjoy! (UN Company)




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