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Foreigner Teams / Greetings
« on: January 10, 2006, 00:56:44 AM »
My friend.. Our taste is more similar than you can imagine..
I actually have one ov those  CA870 Pumps as well.
I have a great photo of one of my teammates with it stapped to his pack under a MilSim.. I am just going to try and find it.

Well.. In my loong G36 I  have shimmed the box, changed the piston head, changed the barrel and hoisted an M120 Spring into it to make it somewhat more powerful.. But since I am more MilSIm than skirmish kind of guy I don't need to much effect or range so I stop there!

I am going to start a little upgrade on my C as well shortly..  Nothin much but some cosmetic changes mostly! :)

Man I really long for our next time out back!  :o) We are planning for a winter MilSim now with another MilSim outfit. I think it will be awesome if they decide to participate! :)

// Wiggo

Foreigner Teams / Greetings
« on: January 04, 2006, 02:04:41 AM »
Hey guys.. I am sorry that I have taken so long but I have had a lot  to do!
As some of you know I was hoping to get my hands on a Mojji Spider scope..
Well that seriously failed so I hade to get another scope. I found one..
And after I found it I hurriedly attached it to the new rifle..
Why don't you guys take a look and see if you like it??

It has become quite heavy but I have still fallen in love with it!
It is quite high from the receiver but makes it possible to use the ironsights
as well if necessary. And on top of things one of my Star Magazines  :)

And here are the two rifles before I started working on them.
The only modification I did for this picture was to switch the
carry handle and top rail.

// Wiggo

Foreigner Teams / Greetings
« on: October 09, 2005, 04:30:56 AM »
Great to see that we share the same taste!
Barbequed is the best!

// Wiggo

Ps thanks for the link. I am on it already! Going to stuff some in there in the next few days! :)

Foreigner Teams / New pictures
« on: October 08, 2005, 12:38:43 PM »
Right.. The old broken links of the pictures have been fixed.
 I am also adding a few new ones!

This is one a very few photos showing that we don't hibernate like many teams up here do during winter.

Lex is showing our favourite playground and our favourite weather.
Why?.. In wet conditions the opponents tend to be less careful with positions since ppl most often don't want to get wet like we do.
Actually we kind of like it that way. If you get wet enough it stops bothering you.

Our OP during one of our Recce Ops.

Exhaust taking a look through the binoculars from the same OP.

Obstacles are made to be overcome.

Here is Exhaust with one of his evil smiles.

Here is the latest buy I made (G36) compared to my latest project (Armalite 933).

Just because you are out in th ebush it doesn't mean that you can't prepare a good looking and tasting meal.

And if you're not in the bush but at home you can always do this.

I hope I haven't thrown to much over to you! :)

// Wiggo

Foreigner Teams / Greetings
« on: October 05, 2005, 10:55:15 AM »
Hey ppl. Unfortunately our image hosting site Green Faces has been terminated. That means that all our pictures is no longer available to view.
I am however looking for an alternative so that we can keep showing pictures to each other!

Stay tuned for I will update the old link with new pictures!

// Wiggo

Foreigner Teams / Biodegradable BB's!!!
« on: October 02, 2005, 02:08:08 AM »
BBB Isn't that BioVals BB's??  :)

We have adopted the rule to only use them on our fields.
So we can at least say that we use the most ecological alternative available! :)

// Wiggo

Foreigner Teams / Biodegradable BB's!!!
« on: October 01, 2005, 15:17:08 PM »
I haven't had any problems using them in prec barrels.. I know of people that have experianced problems but I think it's a matter of maintenance and/or wheter it might be a new barrel or a previously used on.

Now I am so damaged environmentally from the army that I tend tp keep things properly cleansed and lubed up with a very thin coat of oil.
I mean that I before every time before we might fire our weapons in a game or MiLSIM OP I clean them, oil them and dry them.. Even if you dry it with a clean cloth before a game it still has a very thin coat left of teflon so I have had no problem.. And of course during a very long op or game I try and do another round of checkup on the barrels.

I huess I am damaged permanently by military routine.. But things donšt fail on me when I need them though!

// Wiggo

Foreigner Teams / Biodegradable BB's!!!
« on: September 30, 2005, 23:19:00 PM »
We only use BioVals bbs.
I think they are rather similar in performance to Excels products, however it is far superior to be able to use BB's that are more likely to degrade than other brands and besides happens to be brown or green!
That makes them harder to see and of course harder to detect from which direction fired from!

// Wiggo

Foreigner Teams / Greetings
« on: September 30, 2005, 13:42:45 PM »
It would be great if we sometimes could conduct MilSim operations together.
We could combine it with normal skirmishes as we sometimes do so you could get to know even more guys than us! :o)

// Wiggo

Ps.. Already cooking up a plot ds....  :twisted:

Foreigner Teams / Greetings
« on: September 30, 2005, 13:32:57 PM »
I was thinking about the SL9 kit as well a while back but I felt that I would lose the ability to fire good bursts in automatic fire then.
Mine is a CA G36C originally...

Well I guess I am going to start look for a suitable pair of bipods then! :)

What do you do if your pants got ripped of?

Err.. I hope I won't have to experiance that :)
But if I do I hope my suspenders will help me keep them on!  :lol:

This picture was take back in 1999 so it's quite old.. But I think i still loo as goofy still today! :P

In this picture I (wet suit before insertion) have another goofy smile on my lips while Exhaust (with our custom CCE cammies on) show one of his evils smiles

And in this picture you can see our normal camo setup with our Custom CCE combat shirts and OD BDU pants.
In this picture I am still not knowing that I had lost my hat.. My preacious.... He he he. And behind me is Lex.

// Wiggo

Foreigner Teams / Greetings
« on: September 24, 2005, 04:44:11 AM »
Hey guys! Thank you for this warm welcome!
I will definitely try and visit you sometime. Next year can get a bit tricky though since I am planning a trip to New Zealand with a collegue of mine who is half Maori. :) A real Kiwi that means!

I got the G36C and then jumped on the first available "Long-kit" I could find (CA of course) It fits like a glove.. Perfect, without any fuss or strange noises.
I also took the bayonetlock and slided it down the barrel a bit inside the long handguard to make it a bit more stable to hold and carry around, besides it looks better I think. The barrel ends just 8 mm inside the silencer and has been black anodized to not reveal itself against the black of the silencer. But that's just one of 3 barrels I have for it! I have a standard lengt K-barrel as well and the original C-barrel as well. It shoots straight as a sunray and don't wobble.. I am very. very pleased. I was thinking of maybe getting myself a bipod for it as well.. What do you guys think about that.. Would that be to make it into all to much of a sniper rifle?

The Mojjis Spider scope looks as funky as the G36 does already so it looked like a natrual choice!.. Besides.. With laser you can always pinpoint targets for friends as well  :twisted:

About the gear.. I have been experimenting for a few years now and I feel like I have found what I am looking for and that is a modular system which allows me to interchange puches and other tool-holders after every possible situation.
In the picture above I wear a MOD II modular vest/rig with swedish made magazine ouches which hold 3 Armalite mags, 2 G3 mags or 1 G36 mag and is adjustible in width. All 5 ammo pouches is worn on my left side as I have the right front side reserved for a 1st Aid Pouch with all possible necessities including a whistle. At the sides I carry diffrent  sized pouches with my raingear, sleeping hammock (which is great to rest in or use as rocking chair), short distance radio, GPS, extra pistolmags (not always), and that's about it. IN the pack I carried this time a sleeping mat, "coma"-coat (warm kneelong coat), Trangia Gas stove, Camelbak, extra socks (but no underwear since I don wear any, perhaps an unnecessary detail?  :shock: ), some rations and extra maps
In the pockets of the uniform I then carry a lot more like maps case, compass, fork, knife and spoon (veeery important), lighter, matches, pens, paper and well, lots more.. But yeah.. An important detail.. Always 2 extra pairs of shoe laces! U never know when u'll need em!

Most of you have already fallen asleep by now I guess so I think it's enough for this post?

What gears do you prefer??

// Wiggo

Foreigner Teams / Greetings
« on: September 23, 2005, 14:59:32 PM »
Hello guys!
Nice to be here and thanks for letting me in here!

Aaahhhh.. U make me blush......  :oops:
Perhaps I'm not among the best in Sweden but I would admitt to that I and my team is among the best ones in our particular niche.
We are trying to always do things as we would in a real situation, thus we are no hard chargers who shout and just run on! Some people see us as being a bit too serious.

We are like the ones you first step on without seeing, when you are patrolling the base camp or the guys who knife kills you while you take a pee on their legs (happened to me once LOL - The guy pee'd over his pants and boots when I stood up and shouted "KNIFE KILL" and then took off running out into the woods- I was as compromised as I could be!)  :twisted:

Hey Marupalami
Thanx.. I earlier only favored the Armalite but fell in love with my G36C and started to evolve it! Now I am merely waiting for a Mojji Spider scope to complete the picture! Then I am about done with my rifle! Do you have any plans?

Hey Bullseye
Thank you. Love that gear.
Yep it's a radio.. It is a military radio as we are military rooted and connedted and thus easy to use, get hold of, and maintain. We all have the experiance. It is a variant of the same radio that the americans used in Vietnam ond later on, adjusted to our environmetal needs though, to withstand cold better!

I am hoping to be here as often as I can!
If you miss me just throw an e-mail my way!

-Wiggo-   8)

Foreigner Teams / Greetings
« on: September 21, 2005, 11:58:11 AM »
Hey all.. Greetings from Sweden!

// Wiggo


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