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This weekend (24-25 of June) the big danish tournament HGTwere held in the firefighter training center "Gudsoe".

My own team N.A.R.H.A.T. didn't do very well, only a second place

The pictures is now at our site:

Enjoy and please make a comment 8)


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As usual good photos, and anwsome scenários!

Now, please detail us your games, because in Portugal we don't have tournement competion games!

How do you do? Have you got referes (marshals).
How do you do the points? Mission acomplished? "Dead" players?
Game duration?


Eramos 9, mas parecíamos 300!!!


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it looks like the field marshals are the ones that are in the yellow, but did not understood why are they taking cover?
There's a photo of a player a lots of injuries, is it common? don't you have any rule regarding any possibility of surrender?

Please let us know



Sir Toby

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Sorry if my answer is late, have no excuse :(

The airsoft tournaments here in Denmark, is "capture the flag" tournaments.
Get the enemys flag and get it back to your own startzone.

There is 6 people on each side and you get 5 points for every enemy you shoot out and loose 1 point for every people from your own team you loose.

There is 25 point for first touch of the flag and 50 points for getting the flag back to your own startzone.

There is referes on the field and the referies are 1 or 2 teams, not playing.
If some teams are fighting about some of the top positions, they may not be referes on each others games.

If you get hit, you say it out loud and put your gun in the air and quickly go to the deadzone in the corner, each team have its own deadzone.

When we started with the tournaments 5 years ago, the game duration was 15 minutes, now its between 5 and 12 minutes, depends on wich tournament it is.

This guy got hit by a newb, when he got around a corner. The newb got scared and just hold the trigger in:

Its not very often that this happens, but it does and its part of the game.

We believe that its a gentleman sport, so its only the honor and medals we are playing for.
When we started, some airsoft companys gave some sponsored prices to the winners, but we stopped it, there was to much cheating.
ir Toby
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