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Rise And Fall by GAP

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Hi Everybody  ,

This is the video of a game that occured on the 22nd of October 2006.
It was played on an army disused explosives storage facility on courtesy of the 1er RG (first engineer regiment),
it involved, the GAP team, the TRAP team and the SAS (the regiment's airsoft club).

After "Symbiose" JK/Elle is proud to present it's latest achievment: "Rise And Fall"

400 Mo of high resolution images recorded on this very day


Click on the picture to download the .rar file or
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Or the .avi file

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In case of problem while downloading, wait afew minutes and try again.
Don't post on the forum unless downloading failed several times.
If you can, try to download during night time or whenever there'slow activity on the web.