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Green light...Italian airsoft gunners on line!!!

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Hi Guys, my name is Francesco, I'm an italian airsoft gunner from
Here in Italy there's a very big interest about airsoft, in fact there are about 25.000 active airsoft operators divided in about 300 and over team in all Country. There are some regular association (for example: A.S.N.W.G.,, ecc. ecc.) and a regular championship (the italian law order 1 joule airsoft guns power limit - 328fps with 0,20g. bb) and every year this championship is divided in about eight "24h contest" per Regions. I'm an older airsoft operator, I've start to play from far 1991...initially with "Urban Raiders Team", then with "Team Commando" and, at the last, with "22° S.A.T. Team" from San Michele Salentino (Brindisi) - Apulia - Italy. Our official BDU's game is "Roma '95 woodland" but, sometimes we use the "San Marco polycrome BDU's" or "Consubim 3 colour desert"...each our BDU's have a very very nice pattern!!!
My airsoft guns are: Marui Colt M4 S-System, Marui Steyr AUG Military and my "best toy" Marui Colt M4-A1 "desert tan short assault version"...very very nice "deadly" airsoftgun. Please, visit our simply website ( and our photo gallery (foto section). We are very glad to know other Country airsoft gunners and I hope to meet your Team here in Italy...maybe one day we can change bb's on playing-ground... Best regards...and excuse me for my approximate english!!!!! CIAOOOO!!!!
Francesco "Dj Stecca".
A little 22° SAT Team assault unit before acquired object...
Here it's me with the polycrome San Marco BDU and desert tan Colt short assault version...
...and in covering position!!!
Ciao "Brothers in Airsoft".


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Hi Francesco,

Welcome to our site and i hope that we stay in touch!

Use our website to gather information!

I already saw yours (very good).


Eramos 9, mas parecíamos 300!!!