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Introducing: Andy & Sarah McClane from BlackwaterCRG

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Andy McClane

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Hello fellow airsofters!

Since I can't stop playing airsoft, I planned to play airsoft in my vacation too! LOL! I was in PORTUGAL from the 19th of may to the 4th of june, 2006, and I (finally) met Nuno, aka Stuntman, from HOT! And also Blackwolf and one more HOT-member!

More about that skirm later (lot's of pics!), for now, please let me introduce myself...

My name is Andy McClane, nicknamed 'warGOD', and I'm an Chief Warrant Officier with BlackwaterCRG, see our site:
I play a lot, I love gear (that's why I'm often called 'gearGOD' LOL) and I like serious players!

Here are some pictures of me:

This is Sarah McClane. Yes, she plays airsoft too!... ;-)

CA M15A4 CQB, CA M15A4 SPC, EOTech 551, EOTech 552,
Aimpoint CompM, ACOG replica, TM MP7A1, KSC Mk23 HW
Full Metal, TM P226 Full Metal, Tanaka P228, KWC P226


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Welcome again!